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Dario Lagana- Guit/Vox, Fabio Lagana- Drums, Rory Swane - Bass, Lucas Stone- Vox/Guit, Ryan Lucas - Guitar


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Gold Coast’s HELM are a five piece Rock band with an established presence in the Australian music industry. As far as Rock music goes, HELM are a unique and genuinely Australian outfit, with a tendency to ‘drag’ the listener through a vast array of emotion & sound. Aside from a couple honest stabs at receiving some airplay with ‘Home’ & ‘Bullets’ throughout 2011, If predictability & quick access to exactly what you want to hear is your thing, then this is not the band for you. So far… 2008 – Vol 1…’Keelhaul’ 2009 – Vol 2…’The Winter March’ 2010 – Great Southern Land EP 2011 – Home (Single) 2012 – Bullets (feat. Lucius Borich) (Single) Now, the tail-end of 2012 see’s the boys back in the ‘Helm Realm’ writing Vol 3, scheduled for release early-mid 2013. This album is shaping up to be the heaviest and most experimental release of their juvenile career, as musically, there have been some big and very welcome changes in the HELM camp. A kind of ‘sifting’ through the process of reclaiming the bands identity as accomplished musicians, and brothers. With a renewed perspective, direction and inspiration, the productivity is at an all time high. Leading into their third release, you can’t help but feel the presence of a certain calm before the storm.