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Rock, Roots

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Ad - Drums, Sam - Guitar, Kirky - Bass: We all yell a bit but Sam does the most.


The whole crazy story of how we became to be is best told over a beer or two. Come along to a gig some time and ask us to tell you the tale. Who knows, between the three of us, we might even get some of the details right! Sam plays the guitar and sings. He also complains a lot when we are jamming as you may well hear one day if we put together a garage days album. I guess it's because he has such a vision for the songs in his head it would be hard to hear us butcher them. Listen out for him 'conducting' us during gigs by yelling weird things at us. Ad plays the drums like a mad thing. I've always thought that he plays better in his other band, Fat Controller but I was listening to some recordings of a gig we did the other day and I think it may just be that I'm concentrating so hard on remembering what song we are playing, I don't have a chance to really kick back and listen to the mental stuff he does. Kirky plays bass and talks about himself in the third person. The bass playing happened again by default like the drumming thing with Space is Dead so many years ago. This time though, Sam is making him sing as well. Kirky has a love-hate relationship with singing so he sometimes sings the wrong notes and words on purpose just to spite it. We play because we love it and hope that comes across in our shows. We look forward to seeing you out and about to talk music, drinking, food, games, philosophy, sword fighting, sport and a whole bunch of other stuff that will suffice to pass the time until we all eventually just drop dead.