Artist info


Dance, Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

San Cisco, Cloud Control, Last Dinosaurs , The Beths, Ballpark Music

band members

Georgy Rochow Bryn Soden Lucas Sly Skinner Mitchell Skinner Alexander Black

Unearthed artists we like

Tales, Zen Panda, Bromham, Neon Tetra, Bermuda Bay


Hey Harriett is an eclectic combination of five young, spirited, Adelaide musicians, united by songwriter and front woman Georgy Rochow. The alternative, indie pop group came to fruition in 2017, producing their debut single Old Parts. Since then, Hey Harriett have gifted the Adelaide music scene their feel-good single “More” and full EP, “Nipslip”. Within these, you’ll find fiercely honest vocals pertaining to heartache, mental health, nature and all-round positive vibes. Georgy captivates all with ethereal vocals and rhythmic melodies. The best way to enjoy Hey Harriett’s tunes is to shut your eyes, soak up the warm guitar tones and let your imagination run away as you immerse yourself in their upbeat indie goodness.