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Sounds like

Megadeth, Slayer, Sacred Reich, Artillery, Annihilator, Mortal Sin, Testament

band members

Lead Bass/Lead Vocals - Chris McEwen, Phil Bennett - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Jay Rahaley - Drums/Random Screams


80's Thrash metal, Coroner, NWOBHM, Slayer



HIDDEN INTENT are a three piece Thrash/speed metal band from Adelaide, South Australia formed by bassist/vocalist Chris McEwen (Abyzmal/ Obsidian Aspect) and lead guitarist Phil Bennett (Desert Eagle/ TKBF) in early 2011. After a brief encounter with a drummer and a long search for a replacement, Jay Rahaley (Blood Mason, Treachery) was recruited to complete the line-up. HIDDEN INTENT's sound is a throwback to the old school days of thrash metal i.e. early Metallica, Megadeth, Mortal Sin, Coroner, Annihilator, Artillery, Sepultura and NWOBHM such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden etc. Punters have often described HIDDEN INTENT's live shows as 'Good time thrash', 'energetic', 'amusing crowd interaction' and a reminiscence of Testament, Sacred Reich and Slayer.

2013 saw Hidden Intent play the annual NEW DEAD METALFEST supporting some of Australia’s finest metal bands such as PSYCROPTIC, NE OBLIVISCARIS & OUROBORUS, supporting legendary Australian thrash metal icons HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, touring South East Asia for six dates including headlining the annual 'BANGKOK THRASH FESTIVAL' in Thailand, released their anticipated debut album "Walking Through Hell" on Punishment 18 Records (Italy) and released a music video on YouTube for the title track of the album.

2014 saw the band embark on their 'THRASHING THROUGH AUSTRALIA/NZ TOUR 2014' which included over ten shows to promote the album, headlining the METAL DOWN-UNDER Perth Division Australian metal festival on Nov 29th and embarking on another five date South East Asian tour with South Australian thrash icons IMMINENT PSYCHOSIS.

2015 The band plan to release a follow up to 'Walking Through Hell' and embark on another international tour to promote the album.



17 Sep 2016


Finally found some Big 4 worthy Thrash!

Loving the new single Apocalypse Now. Get it on the Radio!

Finally found some Big 4 worthy Thrash!

Loving the new single Apocalypse Now. Get it on the Radio!