Artist info


Punk, Roots

Sounds like

sublime, nofx, Mad Caddies

band members

Nina - Vocals, Reuben - Guitar, Jay - Bass, Dave - Drums.


Punk / Hardcore, Reggae / Roots, Gypsy / Jazz


After years of sharing the stage together in various punk bands; 2009 saw four friends with similar dreams come together to write and record some of the funnest, heartdriven and diverse songs in punk rock. Drawing influence from the greater world of music, the band has managed to form a sound which clashes with many a genre; yet always carries the passion of its punk rooted driving force. This has seen them go on to play with a huge range of artists, from hardcore to hip hop; including supports alongside Pour Habit (USA), The Flatliners (CAN) & Guttermouth (USA). Currently recording a debut album at Capitol Sound Studios in Adelaide; keep your eyes glued and your ears open...