Artist info


Rock, Punk

Sounds like

Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Something for Kate

band members

Scott McMahon - vocals & guitar, Steven Styles - bass


Jeff Buckley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sunny Day Real Estate


Hijack the Laugh Track A two piece with intentions of playing as a trio or quartet (drums and possibly second guitar). Scott McMahon on vocals and guitar, Steven Styles on bass guitar. We play a bastardisation of grunge/post-hardcore/old school emo with inflections of jazz and the juiciness of alternative rock. We sound OUT OF PLACE but that makes PERFECT SENSE because that's how we FEEL. How does it sound? Moody, heavy, soft: dynamic. loud and quiet. lush. lots of dissonant chords. lots of melody. some stuff kinda poppy. most of it catchy. Lyrics: Introspective, counteractive, retrospective, hyperactive, cathartic. For fans of 90's alternative rock/emo/grunge stuff. To say we sound like these bands would be an injustice: Afghan Whigs Alice in Chains Failure Foo Fighters Nirvana Pearl Jam Sunny Day Real Estate Jeff Buckley Red Hot Chilli Peppers Smashing Pumpkins Something for Kate Silverchair But I said it anyway. We're sold on selling out; where do we sign our souls away?