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Sounds like

ROCK AND/OR ROLL, Psychedelic

band members

Rachel Trainor: drum tamer and vocalist extraordinaire Peter Jermakov: deep and rumbling + stage dives Drew Handcock: throat shredding and fuzz pedals


Led Zeppelin, The Dead Weather, The Datsuns, Deep Purple, The Kills, Black Mountain



New single 'Stratosphere' OUT NOW

Honeybone is a three-piece Psychedelic/Garage Rock band based in Melbourne, Australia, and hail from the city of Dunedin, in the deep south of New Zealand. Featuring drummer and vocalist Rachel Trainor, bass and backing vocalist Peter Jermakoff, and guitarist/vocalist Drew Handcock.

Making the trans-Tasman move in March 2012, Honeybone has finely crafted their brand of psychedelic garage rock since 2009. Live show highlights so far have been supporting slots for
bands such as Beastwars, Wofat, The Datsuns, Dragon, and Luger Boa.

After releasing their debut EP ‘Soul on Fire’ in 2010, Honeybone concentrated on writing and recording for a follow-up album, releasing their first studio LP ‘Talk Back Baby’ in October 2013.
They embarked on a South Island (NZ) tour to promote the release in February 2014.

Honeybone then released their latest EP 'Spits and Curses', produced by Lee Jones, in 2016, along with a music video for the single 'Dance'. Another single 'Right Hand' followed in 2018,
featuring heavy riffs and drummer Rachel Trainor on lead vocal.

Their latest single 'Stratosphere' from the forthcoming album 'Spheres' blends Rachel and Drew's vocals together in constant harmony, as well as psychedelic riffs and dreamy progressions.