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Metal, Electronic

Sounds like

Pendulum, Enter Shikari, Parkway Drive

band members

Damien - Guitars GPower - Beats/Keys John - Bass Mike - Vox (angry/melodic) Scoob - Vox (very angry)


Metal, Drum and Bass, Hardcore


Officially forming in mid 2010, Hooks4Hands consists of members from various local bands as well as a acquiring a very talented up and coming drum and bass DJ/producer. Hooks4hands writing began immediately, and after a year of hard work H4H had written the skeleton of 5 tracks of fused hardcore and drum and bass. It was at this point that the band decided to amp it up, and over the following year, the tracks were rewritten, re-recorded, and tweaked. The product was complete, and the band was ready to hit the stage in mid 2012 - to melt faces, to fu#k ear pussies, and to blow shit up. Hooks4Hands immediately set the bar as high as it would go, vowing to not only deliver an amazing and unique soundscape a step away from existing genres, but to deliver the most entertaining stage show possible. Hooks4Hands hit the stage for the first time with the passion and drive to achieve results and turn heads. No strangers to the music scene, the boys destroyed the set showcasing lasers, flashing masks, black lights, impressive uniforms, smoke, sexual tension and smashed guitars. Since then, Hooks4Hands has played throughout Perth, a particular highlight so far being regulars on Villa's "Oh Snap!" event, playing along side some of Perth's best local talent, and the sold out release of their debut album "Ignite Me" in late 2012. At the end of 2012 Hooks4Hands finished filming their first film clip for the song ‘Path Of Least Resistance’, which will be released late January 2013. Delivering a hard-hitting fusion of Metal, Post Hardcore and Drum & Bass, Hook’s stage show and attention to performance is where the band really impresses. Creating an explosive display of lights, color, noise and movement, you're in for a deliciously epileptic treat. "These boys are literally bridging the gap between EDM and Hardcore, and paving the way for a whole new sub genre that is sure to make it HUGE!" -CYCLUS Records "All in all it was very impressive, A band with an interesting look, fantastic sound and great live performance. Definitely one to look out for." -Jaz Walsh 'Soundofthestage' "Fuc#ing Sick!" - Nate Gregory, Dirty Records (USA) "Bring your spare undies cuz you’re gonna need em. Hooks4Hands DnB Metal?? Hellz yeah it is!" - Aaron Watkins-44 Photography OFFICIAL FILMCLIP LINK:- LIVE VIDEO GIG LINK:- VARIOUS VIDEO CLIPS LINK :- FULL FREE ALBUM STREAMING LINK:- LIVE PHOTOS AND VARIOUS PHOTOS LINK:- Facebook Page:-


Reviewed by The Good Doctor The Good D...

31 Jan 2013

Triple J

I really dig thi...

I really dig this tune. It steers clear of Nu-Metal, which is the danger mixing riffs with beats. And awesome riffs too. The high singing bit gives it a cool lift too, though the voice sounds a bit squeezed up that high. Cool!

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20 Feb 2013


This is pretty r...

This is pretty rad, it feels like a combination of metalcore and nu-metal but actually works and sounds good.. it' grooves..

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10 Feb 2013


This song is big...

This song is big to say the least. Love the clean vocals in the chorus and the screaming is just soul ripping. Guitars are chunky.... beats sound well produced. Great track

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