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Tears For Fears, The Wake, Angel Olsen, Smith Westerns

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Aidan Geraghty


Television, Mazzy Star, Pixies



Horseboy is Australian singer, songwriter, musician Aidan Geraghty.

​Geraghty, who headed Brisbane’s celebrated Sunhaus, continues to team stirring, self-reflective lyrics with hypnotic melodies, creating the feeling of walking in and out of dream states.

​In Horseboy, Geraghty continues his laidback, drifting guitar and keyboards, lulling and soaring vocals - which all develop an ambience reminiscent of 80’s pop romance.

​Influences are Television, Patti Smith, Mazzy Star, Pixies, Sonic Youth and Broken Social Scene.


​"Our latest track recommendation of the week goes to the sublime Don't Let Me Tell You What To Do by Horseboy. Horseboy is the latest project from Aidan Geraghty, one of the minds behind the impeccable debut EP 'About Yesterday' by Sunhaus. Anyone who has heard me (Calen) talk about the EP on the show knows the impact the EP had on me, and I'm glad to see Aidan back making beautiful music. 'Don't Let Me Tell You What To Do' might just be his best yet, I simply can't recommend it enough ❤️", - Calen Le Couteur of Emerge Radio

"Suddenly you are listening to lead singer Aidan Geraghty belt out something reminiscent of The Temper Trap frontman Dougy Mandagi’s stirring vocals, and you are getting your hair blown back in a big way. Geraghty demonstrates his impressive range throughout Bobby, where you see him move through wallowing, melancholic tones all the way into full-blown explosions of outright passion." - Happy Mag's Tom Cooper's review of Sunhaus's EP 'About Yesterday'