Artist info



Sounds like

Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Foo Fighters

band members

Reg Terrell-guitar/vocals Adam Wilson-guitar Deano-Bass/vocals Steve Smith-drums


House of Karma was formed in Adelaide, July 2012. The nucleus of which were originally part of an internet band. Guitarist Reg decided he wanted to put together a band with a more diverse style and with the addition of rhythm guitarist Adam, formed House of Karma. Songs came together relatively quickly and in September 2012 we put together a 5 song demo. After several well received shows at The Squatters Arms, The Cranka ,The Gov and The World's End, a small but significant fan base developed and with that promising beginning House of Karma took a break over Christmas. The new year found us looking for a new drummer. In February we were pleased to announce Steve Smith as our newest member. The next 3 months saw us rehearsing and putting together new songs. After a welcome return to the live scene in early May we look forward to rocking out with our friends and fans for the rest of 2013. Look out for more recorded stuff later in the year. ROCK ON!!! :)