Artist info


Dance, Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Prince

band members

Woody Samson & Lewis Toms


Prince, David Bowie, Nile Rodgers, Paul Kelly, John Mayer

Unearthed artists we like

Hugo Bladel


House of Wood is an accomplished duo currently exploring the vibrant Melbourne music scene. Whether they're jamming in a shoebox, on the streets, or on a main stage, the unique package of talents and high energy on show creates a performance quite unique.

Looping synths, guitar, piano, trumpet and percussion into a fusion of addictive groove, Nile Rodgers disco, and an awkward sexy stage personality. Notable recent performances include The Australian Open, sold out shows with Hugo Bladel in Tasmania and weekly jams at bars around Melbourne.

The ingredients include:
Woody Samson is classically trained in trumpet and vocals. He combines this with a jazz course, guitar flutters and a great feel on a piano or a synth. Having played in hundreds of symphonic wind bands (and jazz bands), while overacting in musicals, Woody fell in love with exploring the different colours in his voice and love for Prince. His +3octave range and sporadic brain keeps the funky performances tasty. A love for lyrics adds another bow, having looked up to his cousin all his life, the wonderful Paul Kelly.

Lewis Toms moved to Melbourne from Noosa two years ago to follow the music dream. Lewi learnt his alien like guitar ability by ear and boasts filthy licks and solos that will walk you to the moon. His music story entails a love of John Mayer and teenage garage band jams that took him to stages all around Queensland. Lewi is also a highly skilled drummer who can sit in a pocket so small you couldn’t fit a tic tac in.