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Dance, Hip Hop

Sounds like

Flight of the concords

band members

Andrew "Rivers" Cossar & Ben "Benson" O'Connor


Fish and Chips


Formed back in late 2009 the duo originally undertook the job to create a song that would be a theme to their trip to Byron bay with their friends. After months in the studio's the "Byron theme song" was released to great critical acclaim. From that point forward the mates moved in together to help the creative process and work on their very first EP which would later be named "Dining In". A concept album which was revolutionary in the music business it focused on the life of a couple of mates living away from home together and the trials and tribulations that occurred in their day to day life. The EP's first single was of course the hugely successful "Fish and Chips" which still to this day is regarded in the wider music community as the best work the duo has produced. After a year of production and tweaking the EP was finally released at an exclusive party at Zu Bar(Ringwood, Vic) that saw the finest eastern sunburn Melbourne social lights take to the town to celebrate this momentous occasion in music history. With the EP released to great acclaim the duo has moved back to the studio in the Croydon hills to get back to the creative process, they are aiming on producing more quality music that really speaks to their die-hard fans that have stood by them from day one. The first single from the second release is set to hit record stores in early July, so be sure to stay tuned and up to date by liking this page as we will keep you up to date in everything "Housemates".