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Roots, Indie

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Mark Taylor, Laura Lethlean, Steve Taylor, Michael Shanks, Toby Wilkins, Sam Mccabe


Billy Bragg, Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell


The Celtic fusion inspired sound created by Huckleberry and Me has been in the making for just over a year now. Forming in a cramped Melbourne sharehouse, in the dead of winter, the band has taken influence from some of the great folk and bluegrass/country artists of the past, while adding their own twist on a mutual love of Celtic Rock. Comprising of Mark Taylor, Laura Lethlean, Michael Shanks, Sam McCabe, Steve Taylor and Toby Wilkins, Huckleberry & Me have just released their debut EP 'The Wild One'.



23 Jan 2013


Great song. Remi...

Great song. Reminds me a bit of Conor Oberst, particularly lyric-wise.

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