Artist info


Metal, Rock


Groove Metal

Sounds like

Mudvayne, Meshuggah, Korn

band members

Clint C Baker - Vocals, Nathan Dakin - Guitar, Craig Irons - Bass, Matthew Lynn - Drums


Groove, Metal



Humality are a 4-piece, groove-metal band from Brisbane, Australia.
By aligning their collaborative creativity and having a firm
dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic, Humality have
established themselves as a promising up and coming act with
a unique signature sound that draws influences from the
nu metal era and today's progressive genres. The band articulates
the importance of individuality throughout their sound with
elements of slap bass, obscure drumming, powerful guitars and
an extensive vocal range.

May 2014 saw the release of the highly-anticipated debut EP
“Nowhere” in conjunction with a successful tour up and down
the East Coast of Australia playing at some of Australia’s premier
live music venues including The Gershwin Room at The Espy in
Melbourne. “Nowhere” is the first part of a two part release
consisting of 5 tracks including the single, ‘Amaurosis’.