Artist info


Pop, Punk, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Billy Armstrong, Will Wagner, Paul Kelly, Jebediah, The Violent Femmes

band members

Nick Humblet


Johnny Cash , Steve Irwin, The Beatles , George Harrison, Jamie T, Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson



HUMBLET pronounced [hum-blay] is the 'one man band' explosion of upbeat punky blues n' roots tunes that bare passionate originality, unpredictability & an unorthodox busking persona with attitude. This raw & unraveled story of Nick has been forged out of the vibrations of packed dirty pubs, noisy skate bowls & epic surf roadies. This Brissy Based star attraction is energetic, amplified & contagious, like nothing you have seen before, and the kids LOVE him.

Instagram - @humblet__