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Pop, Punk

Sounds like

Billy Armstrong, tom Delonge, Johnny cash

band members

Past and Current collaborators have included Juan Puertas (Drums) TJ Maber (Bass/Lead) Nick Humblet (Songwriter) Mitch Ellis (Percussion/Songwriting) Ian Pritchett (Engineer) Brock Western (Producer/Drums) Will Johnstone (Artist) Chad St James (Music Video Director/PR) Luke Carra (Producer) Brad Elliot (Artist) & Silk & Squeeg (Merchandise)


Steve Irwin, Johnny Cash



Humblet are bold and their unmatched free-will is ‘merely magical’. Raw in their delivery the music is compelling and every bit unique as they are. This musical collective have all shared in similar lower-class upbringings making their inspirational and uplifting music a testament to the working class, the downtrodden and the underdogs.
This musical creation has emerged within the songwriting guts of Nick Humblet. He has spent many years on a courageous endeavour to sculpt songs that compel you to taste reality with tongue and cheek. An honest & true folk songwriting artist with genre-less execution.
“Since I was a kid I’ve always felt the need to stand up for the disempowered others, because at a time I was one. Personally to my analytical standpoint I've found that my generation can be sadly taught not to shine ‘their’ true colours due to this global social platform. I call this subtle undercurrent ‘the sickness of fitting in’. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to fit in, it’s more about the action of taking little bits of successful others identities to form this idealistic identity in the hopes that it will get them accepted. Thats the part that worries me. Due to the growing numbers of younger people diagnosed with depression and self esteem issues, my belief is that it has got to do with our need for social acceptance and the pursuit of the all important social media status. It teaches kids not to be themselves but the society complex that drives this phoniness is the part that infuriates me. My only wish is for people to not get caught up and discover what makes them them. This injustice is why I have to keep writing, to show that you can steer your own ship. Thats all I’m trying to prove, your true self is the best person for the job” Nick Humblet
Humblet since their humble beginning have stayed a fully independent band. They have no doubt their quality is set to be world class, now and always continuing to forge their own musical path into timeless existence. One to last the ages. This isn’t roots, grunge, country, punk, pop or jazz… it’s maybe a little bit Australiana… but definitely all Humblet.

Instagram - @humblet__