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Ski Mask the Slump God, Jake Hill, the404studios



Hello, I'm Hunter.
I'm 14 Years of age, turning 15 in May 31st.
I was born in Adelaide, just having a general love of music from a young age. My Mother (Sioux) and I would listen to music drastically, so I wanted to be involved. Music would compensate my Mother's Problems in her life, so I wanted to contribute and help. A couple years later, I ran into problems as a teenager too, but since life has so much more to offer, they're only small I realize. A bit further into life, I'm in High School. I started taking Music Class, realizing I could make songs from my home, this became a hobby for me. For Christmas my Mother bought me a Blue Ice Snowball mic, so with just a laptop and a mic I started making songs. My family & friends supported me since.