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Sounds like

Mississippi John Hurt, the band, Pentangle

band members

Emily Davis - Vocals and Guitar Cal Williams Jr - Vocals and Guitar Kory Horwood - Double Bass and Vocals


John Martyn, nick drake, Fleetwood Mac


The Hushes combine the talents of blues maestro Cal Williams Jr, sultry chanteuse Emily Davis and acclaimed jazz double bassist Kory Horwood. The Hushes revive and reinterpret the enduring sounds of the Appalachian mountains, bluegrass, gospel, and folk music as they perform original songs inspired by the dark, the divine and the disturbed. The Hushes have recently been nominated for Best Blues Guitarist (Cal Williams Jr), Best Blues Vocalist (Emily Davis) and Best Blues Bassist (Kory Horwood) in the Derringers Australian Blues Awards. The Hushes recorded their debut album ‘Cold River Blues’ in January 2012, which entered at #1 on the Three D Radio charts and has gone on to receive airplay on Triple J, Radio National, Triple RRR, Byron Bay FM, Eastside FM and Radio Adelaide. In July 2012, The Hushes recorded the follow-up five-track EP entitled ‘Black Betty’ as well as recording a ‘Live at The Soundlounge’ radio performance. These recordings were voted in the Top 20 Best Albums for 2012 by Three D Radio. In January of 2013, The Hushes entered the studio again for their second studio album ‘Sunlight and Fire’ which was launched to sell-out crowds at the 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Bringing their trademark brand of acerbic wit, charming onstage banter, and enough smouldering tension to set a small house on fire, The Hushes promise to deliver a dark carousel ride to live music lovers around the globe. Amidst the sweaty solos, and healthy doses of black humour, you’ll hear smooth 3 part harmonies, and enough pickin’, pluckin’ and drinkin’ to bring the most submerged inner-yokel to the surface. ‘Cold River Blues’ is an extremely well-crafted collection of songs from a very talented threesome. This album is a fabulous cocktail blending with blues, folk & gospel and is a musical achievement of importance to the Australian music scene. Imagine three balladeers travelling from town to town bringing fine musical entertainment to each whistle-stop on the way….you’ve got it…The Hushes” - Byron Bay FM 2012