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Electronic, Indie, Pop

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Kristina Gavrilovic Lama Zakharia



hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Sydney-based music duo comprising of Kris, a singer-songwriter and Lem, a multi-instrumentalist producer, who share a vision of music as honest and raw creative expression. hygge is a Danish word for a special feeling or moment, representing a state of effortless equilibrium, contentment and conscious presence. For Kris and Lem, hygge is a feeling that can be achieved through heart-felt, vulnerable songwriting which connects artists with their audiences in shared human experience. hygge's sound draws on diverse musical influences from pop, jazz, and neo-soul, with emotional lyrics that delve deep into universal themes of love, hope, joy, conflict and anxiety.

'Blind Faith' is hygge's debut single. It's a song about the vulnerability of diving into a new relationship and the frustrations of two people trying to navigate through their own and each other's insecurities.

'Blind Faith' is a ballad turned pop-funk, infused with 80s style electronic elements. Minimalist production and raw, honest vocals set the tone initially, while the track builds slowly to an anti-climactic yet funky bass drop in the chorus which supports a catchy pop melody.