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Indie, Electronic

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Ben Williams - Vocals | James Freeman - Guitar | Jesse Drummond - Keys | Josh Milgate - Bass | Jackson Gray - Drums


Gigamesh, Phoenix, Eminem


Describing their euphoric sound as ‘Jungle Disco’ (or rather one of those cheap island holidays where a kid named Tiki Tiki brings you a vodka-filled-pineapple on the beach...) - I Know The Chief have already undergone a rollercoaster in their musical journey. Drawing upon influences such as Foals, Twinsy and Phoenix; they set out to “move the needle” on Australian music culture. One toucan at a time. Recently travelling to Sydney to record at legendary studio Alberts with highly regarded producer Jean-Paul Fung (Last Dinosaurs, Glass Towers, Olympic Ayres), I Know The Chief walked out with their new single 'Stay Coloured'. Described as a 'tropical frolic through an exotic disco-jungle' (, Stay Coloured will 'make your body move in ways you have never moved before' (Jean-Paul Fung).


Reviewed by Dom Alessio Dom Alessio

19 Nov 2013

Triple J

It's not re...

It's not rewriting the indie pop handbook but this is a solid effort right here.

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