Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Anthrax, Life of Agnony, Mammal, Faith No More

band members

Almir - Vocals, Nathan - Guitars & Vocals, Patrick - Bass, Michael - Drums


Official film clip to "Revolver"

No... they are not an Arcade Fire Cover Band, they're this band. One that could only be described as an erect thrusting peen and three throbbing testicles, re-enacting the meatier scenes from Frank Millers "300", (in interpretative pantomime), to a soundtrack that kinda resembles Metallica's "Kill Em All"....kinda, if it was dosed with the same gamma-ray radiation that spawned the Incredible Hulk,... then shat through an energy drink commercial at double the ferocity; only with slightly MORE vein popping testosterone. And weirdly is not an unpleasant experience....Once you get passed Almir Djemailovic and his raging 12' enthusiasm, I'd possibly even highly recommend them. No seriously! Loved it. Mad energetic, gunning as fuck. A little bit rock, punk, hard-core, nitro-glycerine and the sound of pigs squealing. You might feel a bit sore afterwards....bring a poncho? WINNER!

Live Gig Review - Spoz Spozington 21st of June - Jive Bar Adelaide.

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Hear what others have to say about Ice On Mercury;

I can’t find the right words to explain how good this EP is… ‘Awesome’ would be an understatement. My favorite track has to be the first one on the EP, called “Revolver”. The track just sucks you in. It has amazing hooks, awesome sounding riffs and above all, you can hear the passion for music that drives this band. You can hear that they love music. It’s what they live for. This is definitely a track that you should crank up to 11.

I will be keeping my eyes on these guys, as they will definitely be putting SA on the musical map in the future. As for the EP, I recommend going out to secure your copy. Now. These guys get the big 5 out of 5"

Chris 'Savvy" Savill - Music SA, Bside Mag, Livewire! podcast radio

"You know that feeling when you discover a new band that you just know that you are going to love for years to come? Well I just had that experience when I took a listen to Ice On Mercury’s debut self-titled EP. Even better is the news that this new ‘must hear’ band hail from our shores… Adelaide to more precise.

The Ice On Mercury EP is the type of EP that you listen to and then throw it around and repeat and listen to for the next month or so, while telling your friends ‘they just have to have a listen’. The tracks are so damn catchy, raw and brilliant that the only thing that is going to leave you with a downer about the EP is that it isn’t a full album with more tracks.

Ice On Mercury’s brilliance hits you from the opening track. The gruff verse vocals and the melodic chorus of ‘Revolver’ instantly make you know that you are onto something special while the epic sounds produced by Ice On Mercury on ‘Diary Of Anne Frank’ takes you into another realm completely. The fact that the track also has some thought provoking lyrics thrown into the mix as well shows just how gifted these guys really are.

The remaining tracks ‘Clown Insane,’ ‘Notice To World’ and ‘Live Another Day’ just keep the brilliance going and by the end you wonder just how many bands in the world today find just the right mix of aggression and catchiness like Ice On Mercury do. You’ll also find out by listening to these tracks that leading man Almir Djemailovic may be one of the most exciting (and gifted) vocalists to come out of Australia for a long time as well.

A big congrats goes out to Ice On Mercury for delivering such a brilliant sounding EP, one so good that it must be a late challenge for album of the year"

Dave Griffiths - Heavy Mag Australia

“Seriously catchy choruses that get stuck in your head like nothing else…. each song has something different to keep hooking you back into play their whole EP.. the whole recording screams 'strength'…..I’m giving it a ….9.5/10″

Andrew Brown from The Hard Rock Show (Channel 44) in Melbourne

“If you dig The heavier more aggressive side of Faith No More or bands like Life of Agony you will be right at home with this 5 track EP from Adelaide’s Ice on Mercury.
The band’s sound takes a lot of different elements from the wide Alternative rock bracket, its all here, riffs, pounding drums and big chorus’s but what sets it a bit more left of Centre is vocalist Almir’s at times manic approach to the vocals, with powerhouse lead single “Revolver” perfectly displaying this”

Kevin Curran - The Aussie Alternative Radio Show

Everything you need to know about Adelaide boys Ice On Mercury and their self-titled EP is neatly summarised by opener and lead single Revolver. They rock, and they like to rock hard. To dig just a tad deeper, the band walks the line between a more straight-forward hard rock and heavy, almost thrash metal sound. It’s like a hard rock rhythm with a metal tone, and it sounds great.

There’s a solid sense of melody that carries throughout these five tracks that’s accomplished without sacrificing any of the impact from the big, meaty riffs from guitarist Nathan Willason and solid rhythm work from bassist Pat Murphy and drummer Michael Golding. The closest comparison to their sound I can think of is thrash greats Anthrax - vocalist Almir Djemailovic especially has a vocal tone and style quite similar to Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna, and the pipes to carry the big choruses well.

Occasionally, Ice On Mercury will also venture into Iron Maiden-esque moments, particularly during closer To Live Another Day, where the guitar tone seems to jump up an octave and Djemailovic’s vocals gain a Bruce Dickinson-like gravitas about them. When the riffs and vocals come together in the verses, it’s like something that didn’t quite make it onto The Number Of The Beast. It feels nostalgic yet new at the same time. There are glimpses of a more progressive side to the band, too, with some abrupt time signature changes on Clown Insane teasing something they should definitely experiment with further.

For a band that has their music so entrenched in the metal scene of the 80s, it’s remarkable that Ice On Mercury don’t necessarily feel or sound dated. These boys could possibly have been huge back then, and they should hopefully get bigger now. This stuff never goes out of fashion.

Connor McKenzie - Rip It Up Magazine - Rating: 4/5