Artist info


Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop

Sounds like

Earth Wind and Fire, Jamiroquai , Brand New Heavies

band members

Solo: Vocals - Ikigai/ Justine McInerney With Live Band: Vocals - Ikigai Flared Backing Vocals - Annie Flynn and Dette Hermens Guitar - Nathan Mulett Bass - Jake Novak aka Banana Man Sax - John Henry Harris Keys - Rob Wardrop Drums - Luke Singleton


George Duke, Arrested Development



A Japanese concept meaning ‘a reason for being’, and in this case an Australian human known as Justine McInerney.

IKIGAI is the comedian-turned singer’s new music love baby and go-by name. From ‘Disco Fanny’ to songs like ‘We are One’ this artist has been on a big journey of self growth these past twelve months, and she shares it all with us on her debut E.P Metanoia (due out for iTunes release Dec 3).

Seven tracks of cosmic soul funk hip hop in a league of its own, with every song carrying the love frequency into your ear-holes. Empowering lyrics lift audiences, as they dance til there’s no tea left pouring out their spouts.

With a deep, soulful voice, energetic performance and a spirit that speaks, IKIGAI has audiences vibing. With a career in stand-up comedy and the media, her stage presence and charisma are second-to-none. Wowing crowds with her beats, she’s known for her banter between songs.

IKIGAI has performed at Rainbow Serpent, St Kilda Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival and Seven Sisters, on the bill with the likes of Lisa Mitchell. She’s also opened for MeloX and Jasmin Solano’s Electric Punanny Tour. With air-play on various community radio stations nation wide already, IKIGAI is on her way to becoming a household name. Be sure to catch a live show, where IKIGAI hits the stage with her 8-piece band. It’s super sexy stellar.