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Dance, Electronic, Indie

Sounds like

Rufus, Disclosure, Rudimental, The Presets, Flume

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Jake Cowan


Karnivool, Rufus, Tool, Puscifer, Disclosure, Rudimental, Flume, The Presets

Unearthed artists we like

Fundamental Elements, Biotic



Electronic Music Producer/Guitarist
Brisbane, Australia
Recordings by
Matrix Music Records
Duo Box Records
Azure Sky
My real name is Jake, I'm born in NZ but lived most of my life in Aussie. I started playing guitar when I was 5 and grew up with what I think was a perfect musical upbringing, thankfully i was surrounded with good music from a young age, with Pink Floyd being my main Idols/influence. From there I grew through every main genre at some point in my life, but metal and Chillout will always be my Jebus. I have played around with recording music since i was about 15 but didn't know what I was doing really until 2015 when I started learning Ableton, (Thanks to a good mate taking a fucking LOT of time and patience, So So thankful of this!! #BAXSTA Thanks again Bro..) I set a goal on NYE 2016 to get my first Record Deal and broaden my Ableton knowledge as much as i could by the end of 2016 no matter what!!! And here we are at the end of the year and I've signed 4 contracts so far, and my music has come so far it's not funny. My latest EP -MethOD- just got signed to MT-Musik and the tracks I'm just finishing off are actually incredible in my eyes. I've had pretty much what ever I wanted in life, then over 3-4 years, I basically lost close to everything I hold close to me. I now kinda don't know where I'm at. All these extreme emotions, anger, anxiety, fear, shyness etc that is currently blocking my way or that I feel is blocking my way I literally feed off and try and structure into music. I don't know what Genre I make because next week something different might poor out of me, (which makes structuring pretty difficult). Ultimately, I want to be recording guitar into most of my Electronic tracks. Music is my life, it's all i have, it's all I hold dear, it's all that truely makes sense and explains so much. It lets you relive memories, It lets you hideaway and disappear whilst in plain sight. Anyway, you get the idea.. Hopefully my brain spits out some sweet stuff someday that helps someone else appreciate & see it all as much as I do. To change 1 persons day for the positive, just once, would make me very happy :)