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Indie, Roots

Sounds like

The Stems, beasts of bourbon, lift to experience

band members

scott bassham-guitar/vocals,justin francis/drums


The Saints, Go Betweens, beasts of bourbon


ill starred captain are a wildhearted two piece band from port lincoln south australia, who have been making a name for themselves around the world after 9 years of constant touring, in australia,ireland and the u.k. The band consists of songwriter/guitarist/singer Scott Bassham and drummer Justin Francis,and while they share a two-piece setup with bands such as the mess hall and the black keys,they take their music many steps beyond the simple blues/rock blueprint,into the realms of folk,garage punk and psychedelic surf-rock. ill starred captain have released two independent releases on their "seawitch music" label, the "Bottlegreen Sky" e.p.(2001)and "Yeh-Nah" thier first full length album in 2005. Both records scored great reviews around the world,with uk fanzine "god is on the t.v." calling ill starred captain-"what happens when the white stripes meet white album era Beatles." the bands third release,"Black Swan Eye" is due out in october '09. Ill Starred Captain have shared stages with the Waifs (in Ireland),Ed Kuepper,Ash Grunwald,amongst many others,and have performed live at festivals such asWildeloo,Tunarama,and other overseas festivals. ill starred captain are also one of the hardest touring bands in australia,playing in excess of 200 shows a year around australia and overseas. Ill Starred Captain's long awaited album "Black Swan Eye" is finally available from Friday fifth of November 2010 on Seawitch Music. After four long years of gestation, the two piece band is overjoyed at having their second full length album available for download through I Tunes and M.G.M. ( and have made four high-quality videos to accompany the release. The four video tracks are Four Feet Away, Black Swan Eye, All Good Too Easy and Her Lover Swan Out to Sea. Musically Black Swan Eye covers a vast range of moods and sounds,there's everything from adrenaline-charged surfpunk, to exquisitely crafted balladry, with wild hearted blues and flamenco touches. Lyrically the songs explore themes of love, madness, death and transformation in a richly diverse and often humorous way. Guitarist/songwriter Scott Bassham explains Black Swan Eye's long creation as "a kind of distillation of all our experiences while making the record. We toured constantly throughout Australia, making money to record and during that time, soaked up everything that happened to us, physically, artistically and spiritually, crushing it all into the songs. What you hear is the wine that resulted from so much experience. Ill Starred Captain's road over the last four years has been both very exhuasting and inspiring for the band. "We are a totally indie band where Justin and I run everything, production, touring, the Seawitch Label, all on a shoe string and with absolutely no handouts. We threw ourselves on a massive touring schedule to raise the money to produce this album and for a longtime we seriously wondered if the band would survive to see it through to it's completion. Now that it's done and out in the world, we're hugely proud of it. The record is a testament to our will to survive, creatively, physically and spiritually. Finishing it means a lot to us." Fans of this hard working and exciting Australian band can download Black Swan Eye, as well as the bands other releases, "Bottlegreen Sky E.P. 2001" and the "Yeh-Nah L.P. 2005" from I Tunes and the bands video's can be viewed on Youtube and Myspace.