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Hip Hop

Sounds like

everyone has their own sound., and own perspectives we sound like us!, That vibe you get from listening to good music!

band members

MC's Ros.1, Mannerisms and DJ Slackuts.


Soul, hip hop, Funk

Unearthed artists we like

Beats by Ash Pope, Quexxxt, Cranky One


Sup, We're Ill Vibes, Located in Port Lincoln,Eyre Peninsula,South Australia. MC's Ros.1,Mannaz and DJ Slackuts. Have been Writing/Recording together now, about 3 years, Focusing on making music for NOT only just hip hop heads, keeping minimal explicit content is a key factor for us reaching out to audiences all ages young and old. At first Ros.1 and Mannaz released a two disk ''Demo/Mixtape'' as Solo MC's, featuring DJ Slackuts and producer response. Then Ros.1 and Mannaz decided to form together and do a follow up Mixtape with DJ Slackuts as Ill Vibes, which was called Peepgame Vol.2. Meanwhile DJ Slackuts was also busy with production for what is to be our Debut Album ''1 High Summer.'' With Mannaz,Ros.1 and DJ Slackuts writing, recording and producing hard each week, things are coming together nicely. Meanwhile the group have been headlining gigs localy and traveling to adelaide to perform with interstate acts, With a high energy, uptempo style with lots of emphacism, its easy to recognise why this band pulls a crowd. Mannaz has also been highly recognised in the S.A freestyle/written battle scene with an unbeaten run since he had his first battle about 12 months ago. we have finished recording the debut album, Were just adding finishing touches. Enjoy the music, Be safe and peace out! Ill Vibes....