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Indie, Pop, Roots

Sounds like

Missy Higgins , Kasey Chambers

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solo artist


Thelma Plumb , Greta Ray , Stella Donnelly , Amy Shark , Skeggs

Unearthed artists we like

Gretta Ray, George Alice , Stella Donnelly, Thelma Plum, Sycco


Solo vocalist, songwriter & guitarist from rural country town Gresford, NSW, Image, 23 years old, is an up and coming young Australian musician living in East Maitland. From being the lead singer in a high school jazz band, Image has gone solo in 2019 after finishing her arts/politics degree in Melbourne. Currently playing local gigs and forming relationships with other local musicians, Image has won the hearts and minds of all who listen. With a focus on neo folk and country sounds, Image has a strong song-writing and lyrical passion which aims to uplift and inspire her audience. Far from love songs, Image starts conversations regarding modern topical issues such as gender equality, action on climate change and by-standing, as well as fun rocky tunes about every day life. Image is strongly influenced by artists such as; Stella Donnelly, Thelma Plumb, Meg Mac, Gretta Ray, Skeggs, Lana Del Rey, George Alice, Didiri, Missy Higgins & Kasey Chambers. You can find Image playing in venues in Newcastle like The Lass, the Quill and Compass, Hotels in Gresford, Vacy and Bowraville and at The Old Victoria Hotel in Maitland. 2020 will be a big year for Image as she spends more time with her music.

Catch image at:
The Lass O'Gowri in Newcastle 15th Dec @ 4:45pm
Newcastle Civic Theatre Bar 28th Feb @ 5pm