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Rock, Indie

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We sound like us!

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Sarah Q - vox, Phill - guitar, Marty - skins, Ben - low end


Superjesus, Tool, karnivool

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BUSHIDO, Atomic Bliss


IMMERSION is an unassuming female fronted Melbourne-based four piece original rock band. Don't let their demure demeanor fool you - IMMERSION's sound is heavy and dynamic yet extremely infectious, and springs from a unique blend of big guitar sounds and driving rhythms. The development of IMMERSION's sound can be partly attributed to the influences consumed regularly in their staple rock diet, which includes big helpings of international acts such as the Foo Fighters and Tool, and lashings of local rock acts such as the Superjesus, Full Scale and Karnivool. IMMERSION was formed from the remnants of Perth rock act Aurakil. Aurakil began in 2000, and in 2001 they released their debut EP entitled "IMMERSION". Having conquered the Perth music scene, Aurakil set their sights on a new challenge - the big city of Melbourne. The move in 2003 presented a chance for the band to re-form, re-brand and re-label and consequently, IMMERSION was born. IMMERSION has since seen a couple of members come and go, but the current line-up is its strongest yet. IMMERSION have earned their stripes supporting a range of rock heavyweights on the East and West coasts including the Cruel Sea, Sunk Loto, Karnivool, Subtruck and The Fuzz. IMMERSION have recently been busy performing around the local Melbourne scene and that, combined with their involvement in initiatives such as Freeza and The Push is winning them new fans, keeping rock alive at the grass roots level and making it accessible for all ages. IMMERSION are: Sarah Q - Vox The newest member of the IMMERSION clan is Sarah Q - after learning her craft in the covers scene before two years with Melbourne hard rock outfit At What Cost, Sarah joined IMMERSION taking on vocal and front-person duties as of mid '07. With influences ranging from Sevendust, RATM, Mike Patton and Cog, Sarah's unique vocal stylings suit IMMERSION's sound perfectly, and she brings a raw edge to the bands already impressive list of original rock songs Ben - Bass Originally a low-end groover from Sydney, Ben moved to Perth to escape the pokies and to take up his role as the IMMERSION 'band guru'. With a brilliant musical ear, his smooth playing provides IMMERSION's driving low end and heavy bass rhythms. (He's also known for his groovy stage moves…) Marty - Drums The BIG MAN of the IMMERSION world is our own gentle giant, Marty. Coming from such previous Melbourne bands as Headmess and Gonzo's Moon Womb just to name a couple, Marty's hard hitting and solid style, developed through many years of bashing it out around Melbourne's music scene, slots perfectly into IMMERSION's uncompromising rock style. Phill - Guitar After earning his stripes in the Adelaide scene, Phill moved to Melbourne for a new musical start. Phill's 'outside the square' playing brings a brilliant melodic dimension to the IMMERSION sound, and his ambient and often vibrant phrases elevate the band to a new level. So what makes IMMERSION any different from the other bands out there chasing 'the dream'? When you see IMMERSION live, you can expect something a little different to the usual guitar based rock act. IMMERSION's individual sound comes from hook - laden rhythm guitar riffs, melodic lead lines, driving bass and a solid, hard-hitting rhythm section combined with a powerful female voice. A small taste of IMMERSION's uncompromising yet appealing style will leave any punter wanting more.