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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Spiritualized, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Woods,

band members

Brent DeBoer - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica. Bob Harrow - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica. Peter Lubulwa - Keys, BU Vocals. Ben Street - Bass. Paddy McGrath-Lester -Drums.


Neil Young, The Grateful Dead, Woody Guthrie, 13th Floor Elevators, Dead Meadow, Black Mountain



Two guys meet at a bar and a band is born. It’s a story as old as beer on tap. Like all good stories, Immigrant Union’s started with a few drinks. And… maybe a few dozen more drinks. The story got a little more interesting when the duo started turning simple chords and melodies into completed songs. And then polished recordings of those songs. And empty bar rooms into epic parties. And music loving barflies into lifelong friends.

It was the summer of 2004 when Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols was killing some time in Australia and had a chance meeting with Melbourne’s Bob Harrow. This initial exchange led to a spontaneous trip to the country and an all-night jam session. The friendship grew. They acquired the talented vocalist and keyboard player, Peter Lubulwa, and the band quickly planted its roots in alt-country-folk, bound by a communal love for classic rock and roll.

Countless shows later, Immigrant Union have now supported Noel Gallagher, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dead Meadow and toured their own headline shows, creating unforgettable moments at boutique festivals and many an odd BBQ and house party across the whole of Australia. Known for having a consistent gift of delivering a good time…allllll the time… the band have naturally progressed into the next chapter of their story: realising their second album, and keeping their eyes fixed on the international touring circuit ahead.

Immigrant Union’s upcoming album is a shift from previous recordings – moving away from the country end of the sound spectrum, they approached their second record with a desire to produce a more layered, trippier sound. To achieve this elusive warmth, the band went literally to the farthest reaches of the earth: to Brent’s hometown in Portland, Oregon and to Altona on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.

2014 was a busy year for the band with showcases at The Americana Music Festival in Nashville TN and The CMJ Music Marathon in New York City as well as a headline slot at The Sydney Psych Festival. 'Anyway' had it US release in September 2014 through Musebox records and was followed up by an extensive 18 date North American tour covering East and West Coasts.

Since it’s Australian release in May 2015 ‘Anyway’ has garnered critical acclaim with reviews from Rolling Stone (4 stars), The Australian (4.5 Stars), The Age (4 Stars) and The Music (4 Stars) to name some.

Immigrant Union will be embarking on an extensive national album tour throughout Australia in August and September 2015 with festival dates and plans to revisit the US again in later in the year.