Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Chimaira, Textures, Lamb of God

band members

T.J Johnston - Vocals, Dylan Ackerly - Guitars/Clean Vocals, Tim Paynter - Guitars, Jeremy Lathouras - Bass, Glenn Panke - Drums


Incarcerate is a five piece metal outfit originating from in and around Hobart, Tasmania. Combining various musical tastes and influences to create a sound that is as heavy as it is diverse with musical textures. Sitting somewhere in between the borderlines of the raw intensity of modern metal, and the colorful changes and structures of progressive rock. The band was formed in the late months of 2004. In the early years, the band played many gigs, recorded a 3 track demo titled "A Prelude To The End" and managed to land second place at a local battle of the bands. During that time and up until now the band had gone through many changes member wise and style wise. After many ups and downs with members, the line up finally feels right. And thus, has breathed new life into the band and pushed incarcerates writing and playing to new heights. Now with a nine track album (See Yourself) under their belts and an ever growing fan base, theres no telling what the future holds for Incarcerate.