Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

Queen, The Beach Boys, muse

band members

Travis Hair - High Frequencies, Luis Bran - Low Frequencies, Josh Griffin - Beat Provider (somewhat...).


Larry David's Humour, Karaoke Bars, Sandwiches.


If it were the 1600's the Incredible Kicks would have been writing thirty four flute fugues. Instead, they're stuck in the 20th century the age of near infinite musical genres. If you take the lift up past ‘Alternative’ all the way up to ‘Prog Pop’. Then jump through the nearest window and take a flying fox over to the next building. That's where you'll find The Incredible Kicks. Casual and friendly, with a tendency to go a little bit over the top. When writing a song, if the question is raised, "should we go there"? The answer is always yes. The Incredible Kicks have navigated the waters of mediocrity and have left them in their wake. Without a captain to speak of, this is a noteworthy task. However, manning the helm in the captain’s absence is Travis Hair, wielding a mighty axe and tempting the sirens ashore with beaming harmonies and billowing hair. Meanwhile, bassist Luis A. Bran slaves in the bowels of the vessel with what could be considered a unique flair, or complete and unbridled ignorance; and the navigator, Josh Griffin, keeps the crew in check with equal parts heavy hand, charm and sparkling scalp. July 2012 sees them release their 2nd EP "Ineffective Lullabies". The EP is a continuation in theme and style to their debut EP release "Fairytales". The regal bookmarking of “Prince Charming” and its reprise does its best to contain the rollicking diversity that swells within a riptide of pumping beats and scorching licks. Clearly brandishing no fear of uncharted waters, Ineffective Lullabies unabashedly sails from slick to sleaze-pop to sophistication. From start to finish it is obvious The Incredible Kicks know how to have fun, and poke fun at themselves while producing 7 quality tracks of unpretentious rock that brings back memories of “The Band Who Shall Not Be Named”. Touring the East coast of Aus throughout July/Aug/Sept 2012, check out the tour dates on Facebook!