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Indie, Pop, Rock

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Chris Kinna - Vocals/Guitar Dylan Keirnan - Guitar/Producer Raurke George - Guitar David Williams - Bass Joshua Beaumont - Drums



Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

10 Aug

The Aardvark

Perth, 6160




Over the course of two EPs and a handful of singles, Mandurah five-piece Indigo have proven themselves to be as creative as they are hard-working. Typifying their tradition for exploring new territory with each release, their latest single La Luna is a tour de force: the deep waters of moody indie rock, balanced by the perfect amount of that '80s 'driving at night' vibe.

Produced by the band’s own guitarist Dylan Keirnan, La Luna displays exceptional chemistry in motion. Atmospheric and beautiful, newcomer Raurke George’s guitar also fills out the soundscape with ethereal riffs that seamlessly blend with frontman Chris Kinna's mesmerising vocals. Touching on themes of the eternal, Kinna is both the conscience and the voice of La Luna. Underneath the melody: the faultless rhythm section of bassist David Williams and drummer Josh Beaumont. Perfectly unwavering.From the opening riffs, to the brooding verses, through each iteration of its uplifting chorus; La Luna is as much a powerful journey as it is a pop song. There is substance well beyond its catchy tune. With more than a touch of retro-pop nostalgia in the mix, La Luna is an emotional, often yearning ride, made grand by Kinna's heartfelt lyrics of empathy and humanity. "La Luna is about how we are endless and always in this moment..." he explains.

Following on from last year's singles Eclipse and Stay, La Luna adds a unique entry to Indigo's ever-expanding catalogue, just as their live profile continues to increase thanks to shows with The Jungle Giants and Tired Lion. Darker and more existential than its predecessors, La Luna takes the band's tried and trusted pop sensibilities and paints them with darker hues than ever before – escorting Indigo into an exhilarating new chapter of their career that they can now share with the world.