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Dance, Electronic, Indie, Pop

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Billie Eilish, Amy Shark, Lorde, halsey, lana delray


Billie Eilish, Amy Shark, Taylor Swift, Lorde, Alex Lahey, Frank Sinatra, Etta James



While studying in high school, Stanton began posting covers on Youtube and by the age of only 15 developed a crowd of adoring fans. After a small hiatus to focus on study, she became eager to start recording some of the music that she had written. Her work was heard by Eslev (producer at Attaboye Records), who quickly became eager to work with her full-time to record her latest single and produce forthcoming debut album, due out in late 2018. Adelaide singer-songwriter Indy Stanton makes her debut with the release of her new single “Small Talk” through Attaboye Records. The track discusses the awkward beginnings of relationships and the confusion involved with being a young adult. Along with the single release, Stanton premieres the accompanying music video via The Music. “Small Talk is basically me as an awkward human being encapsulated into a song. In relationships especially, I struggle to say the right things at the right time and I have no idea why but I’ve done it my whole life, so this song is, I guess, my frustration with this.” - Indy Stanton. Accompanying the track is a clip inspired by the TV show friends featuring similar scenes to iconic TV couple Rachel and Ross and their unofficial date at a laundromat. With stunning visuals shot and directed by esteemed filmmaker Richard Coburn (Hilltop Hoods, WOMadelaide) from Kojo the clip brings feeling of nostalgia and fun to the already high energy single.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

17 May 2019

Triple J

Keeping an eye on Indy's output. There are sound ideas and attitude in here.

Keeping an eye on Indy's output. There are sound ideas and attitude in here.