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Dance, Punk, Rock

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Blaise Adamson, Jack Normoyle, Chris and Anthony Morse

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The Infants pay homage to the burgeoning post-punk scene of the 1980s, capturing revivalism in its truest sense. The Brunswick based four-piece inject a newfound vigour into a well-worn ‘Melbourne’ sound and flaunt it with inimitable swagger.
Grinding rhythms underpin hypnotic melodies in latest single ‘Ape’, as Blaise Adamson (vocals, keys) brings a softer — nonetheless disconcerting — touch to the fray, skipping from yelps to whispers reminiscent of Lydia Lunch or Ari Up of the Slits.
Instrumentally, the rest of The Infants, Chris and Anthony Morse (bass/guitar), and Jack Normoyle (drums), bend luxurious and persuasive into harrowing and heady throughout the band’s sophomore EP, ‘Low Rumble’ with a shrewd sense of assuredness well beyond their years.
In the vein of These Immortal Souls and Crime & the City Solution, The Infants take their visceral vignettes and romantic ruminations to the stage with an unbridled and contagious sense of ferocity. With Jack throwing up after sets from pure exhaustion, or Blaise lashing white paint over herself, The Infants are a band that feel at home in their performance space. Each show is as unpredictable as the last, promising nothing but the true spirit of their post-punk forbearers.
The road ahead certainly looks favourable for this talented four-piece, opting towards a first full-length release in 2015 as they continue their onslaught on Melbourne’s famed live music circuit and beyond.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

02 May 2014

Triple J

I appreciate how this track lurches about. It's all unexpected sounds and general unease.

I appreciate how this track lurches about. It's all unexpected sounds and general unease.