Artist info


Metal, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Polaris, Architects, Thornhill, Above, Below, Kaskeid, Hara Kiri, Silent Planet, Crystal Lake

band members

Liam McDonald - Vocals Sam Waterhouse - Guitar Seán Dalton - Guitar Jack Kershaw - Bass Tate Paul - Drums


Parkway Drive, Architects, Crystal Lake, Hellions, Animals As Leaders, Polaris


Infinite Illusion is a 5 piece metalcore band from Sydney, NSW.

Releasing their debut EP 'Ill Intent' in 2018, they have built a loyal and growing fan base. They have secured themselves on Spotifys 'Homegrown and Heavy' playlist alongside some of Australia's brightest heavy acts,
with their most popular song 'Afterthought'

In the short 2 years they have been a band, Infinite Illusion have managed to play alongside a great range of artists, which include Drown This City (VIC), The Comfort (BRIS), Foxblood (VIC), Ebonivory (VIC), Tell Lie Vision (SP), 23/19 (SA) and Amberyse (VIC).