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Rock, Electronic

Sounds like

battles, at-the drive-in, HEALTH

band members

Steven Hughes - Guitar / Vox, Dominic Pearce - Bass / Vox, Jake Steele - Keys / Laptop, Matt Bairstow - Drums


Can, The melvins, boredoms


INJURED NINJA are an Australian avant-garde experimental rock group that formed in Perth, Western Australia in 2007. Its members are Steven Aaron Hughes, Dominic Pearce, Jake Steele and Matthew Bairstow. In 2008, INJURED NINJA performed a mixture of improvised and rehearsed gigs in art galleries and small performance spaces throughout Perth, releasing their debut EP ‘Circuitboard’ in October. The band became quickly notorious for their intense, loud and unpredictable performances. The band toured to Japan in early 2009 performing 11 shows across the country in less than two weeks and later performed their first tour to the east cost of Australia in December that year. In January 2010 the band released a 12” split single with Perth act French Rockets, named ‘IDDQD’ which included a DVD with a video for each band’s songs, directed and produced by members of INJURED NINJA. These band members have since gone on to produce a series of music videos for many high profile Australian acts. The split single won the WAMi (West Australian Music Industry) Award for ‘Most Popular Single’ in May 2010. Their debut album ‘INJURED NINJA vs. Skylazer’ was recorded in Perth in late 2010 with engineer Kieran Kenderessy. Due for release on Perth-based label Heartless Robot Productions in February 2011, it combines intense walls of guitar drone, with dance / break-beat and dub / reggae influences and captures the many facets of the INJURED NINJA live sound. The 11-track album will be packaged with a comic outlining the story of ‘vs. Skylazer’, drawn and designed by frequent INJURED NINJA art collaborator, Peter Long. First single from the debut LP, ‘Golden Top Mountain Journey’ was released as a 7” single in October 2010 to highly positive reviews across the country and has received nationwide airplay. INJURED NINJA will be releasing a split 7” (‘Chrysopoeia’) on Melbourne based label Aniseed Records in early 2011. INJURED NINJA will be touring US in March / April 2011 including an appearance at the 25th SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. “Listening to them requires concentration and effort but they command this with their complexities of sound. At times manic, sometimes discordant but at all times intense.” – “Injured Ninja take a sonic katana to your eardrums and then slice your body to pieces as you drop to the ground. If you are passing by [it] sounds like chaos but if you stop and listen it all blissfully comes together, like a jigsaw of a kaleidoscope.” – Chris Wheeldon, Cut and Paste Magazine “…Injured Ninja, who’s crazed antics and massive vibrations caused most passers-by to become engrossed by the stage. The dynamic foursome ripped apart the walls as their heavy distortion and electric twist filled the room. The crowed begged for a final track, leaving all members covered in sweat and the guitarist on hands and knees using his effects pedal like a synthesizer, before finally allowing all passer-bys to remember where they were heading in the first place.” – Drum Media Perth, May 2010 “Injured Ninja are one of the most interesting things we have seen emerge from the Perth music swamp recently; variously described by members of the crowd as ‘atonal’, ‘prog-noise’ and ‘like a vicious Floyd’, there is so much more going on in the music than can be grasped in one listen. The guitar, bass and vocals, each augmented by effects pedals individually, are then manipulated and arranged on stage by Jake Steele at the helm of a sprawling sausage factory of keys, synth, kaoss, delay, mixer and computer. What comes out the other end is probably too loud for the average punter, and too complex and layered for a pop music fan even to grasp; but for those who have seen a thousand live original bands or played in several, Injured Ninja is a refreshing change of soundery. Their music does not reward passive consumption; it is an experience that demands participation from those who attempt its appreciation. Using earplugs when you see this band does not make you soft.” – 2009