Artist info


Indie, Punk

Sounds like

T(i)NC, the Hives, the Easybeats

band members

Ben Grosz-Lead Vox/Bass Adrian McPhee-Guitar/Back up Vox Daniel Norris-Druma


The Kinks, The Stooges, The Who

Unearthed artists we like

Le Shlonk, THE LEGS, Master Cardinal, HAVANA ALLIES


Monsters 4/5 A great track! Garage rock with upbeat elements of the Hives or the Arctic Monkeys. I like this a lot. A few good hooks, though it's not quite a killer tune yet. The recording is good, but the mix gets a bit sloppy towards the end. A good song and signs of much promise in these guys. 25 July 2006 Chris Scaddan Triple J the iNKREMENTS If bizarre lyrics and infectious hooks are your bag then get your calculator down to an iNKREMENTS gig and watch them wobble and sway behind there instruments breaking strings, sticks glasses and hearts.! In 2007, even after so much positive feedback and such great responses, we have unfortunately decided to call it a day. We are all moving on to bigger and better things, Dan and Adrian have begun work on a rocking new band and recording, While Ben has begun work in new band 'High Fangs' We're all set to take on the world and rock your socks off! so keep an ear out the iNKREMENTS