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Pop, Rock

Sounds like

The Beatles

band members

Harry Tregilgas - Music & Lyrics (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard) John Rutten - (Drums & Percussion, mixing & Mastering)


Tame Impala



INSIDE IRIS is a band from Wollongong Sydney Australia. The band is Harry Tregilgas (vocals, guitar, bass, keys), John Rutten (drums, mixing/mastering) which transforms into a full band live. Together they cook up an un-polished alternative pop/rock sound blurred with psych tinges and experimentalist. Their biggest influence being the Beatles.

Take a trip inside their underground stream of original sound and sink deep into the eye.

Selected as finalists for competition in 2020 out of 100's of Artists to play amongst the top 10 Artist's in Sydney. They received glowing reviews from a panel of judges. They have been busy recording and rehearsing a solid collection of music and are ready to bring it up to the surface to breathe into your ears.