Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus, Silverchair

band members

Ronny Lindsay-Vox, Rhythm guitar James Reid- Lead guitar Jamie Roberts-Bass Simon Parkins- Drums


Powderfinger, Tupac, Paul kelly


You won’t find these boys growing massive beards, wearing sailor hats, sipping on a drop of red from the bottle, while pondering the state of the world atop the balcony of their mansion overlooking the bay. You’re more likely to catch them pondering their place in the world and their connection to others through the art form of music, thrashing out at a seedy pub, after a long day in the beehive feeding the Queen Bee. Their music is honest, uncorrupted and believable, reflecting their ‘blue collar’ upbringing. They write music for the ‘everyday person’ dealing with real and relevant issues and promoting universal values such as hope, resilience, empathy and respect and compassion for others and the environment. They believe all music has its place but to them music is much more than just a beat, groove or melody, it’s a message and a powerful force to make the world a better place