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Electronic, Dance

Sounds like

Feed, Your, Brain

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Simon Irving a.k.a Inspired Insomniac


water, fire , air

Unearthed artists we like

emma louise, Tin Can Radio


iNsPiReD iNsOmNiAc is an experimental/multi-genre electronica artist/producer who writes and performs many strands of electronic music from the depths of dubstep to the ambience of shoegaze and experimental hip-hop. Recently seen collaborating with artists such as The Conquistadors (UK), Georgia Potter (UK), Sleepy Tea (AUS) and recently with Triple J star singer/songwriter Emma Louise (AUS). Originally born in Sheffield, UK, (.ii.) resides in Brisbane, AUS. Also a member of "Triple J Unearthed" wonder boys "Tin Can Radio" Simon seems to have melded together his love of organic and electronic music into a single vibration that is 'Inspired Insomniac'.