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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Five guys who never learned Ableton.

band members

Alec Snow, Jock Houston, Jimmy Basnett, Matt Hollonds, Lachy Becke


All Them Witches, Highly Suspect, Like Thieves, Royal Blood, Kaleo



Escapism is the debut album from now Sydney based 5-piece Interim.

Recorded at Airlock Studios in Brisbane over an intensive fortnight around Christmas 2016, the album has been slowly revealed via a series of well-received singles released monthly since January, and will now get its full release on the 8th of September, 2017.

Escapism marks a major milestone for a band that first met way back at high school in Toowoomba. It’s been a long 8 year journey with the band living together, moving to Brisbane 5 years ago, then Sydney two years ago. During this time members Alec Snow – Vocals, James Basnett – Guitar, Jock Houston - Bass, Vocals, Matt Hollonds - Drums, Vocals and Lachlan Becke – Guitar, have been working hard on distilling a sound that is uniquely their own. This album is the culmination of that journey.

As Interim’s Jock Houston explains, “After you've spent almost 10 years independently recording, mixing and producing your own music, getting the opportunity to have a full fortnight in the studios with a great producer to record your debut album is nothing short of life changing as a musician. This album, and releasing 12 tracks and video clips over 12 months, is the culmination of 50+ demos from years of living together and too many collaborations with creatives to count!”

From scuzzy grunge, through to stomping blues throwdowns and soul strip-mined emotive ballads, Interim have delivered an album containing varied shades and hue. While this variation may render other releases less focused, the material here is tied together by an over- arching theme. “The theme that carries across it all comes back to the relationship between desire and escapism, and that moment when desire doesn't feel liberating anymore and becomes more of a vice,” Houston explains. “Everyone deals with it in some way, shape or form with relationships or substances and the album covers so many aspects of being in that place.”

The album was recorded and produced by Yanto Browning whose credits include The Belligerents, Art of Sleeping, The Jungle Giants, The Medics and Elko Fields to name but a few. According to According to lead guitarist Lachy Becke, “Yanto is an actual ninja, and you wouldn't pick it if you didn't know but uh… just quietly... there you go. He's a shithot blues guitarist, a weird ass experimental in the synthesised space and again, an amazingly decent, humble ninja.”

The recording process at Airlock in Brisbane offered many memorable moments, including free use of a bevy of prized instruments and effects belonging to studio owner and Powderfinger legend Ian Haug, but most of all it seems the camaraderie afforded the band of friends was the ultimate payoff. “I think the major thing is that you're all there for a fortnight to make nothing but music, and I don't think as a group we've ever been closer than that fortnight - we're always around each other, but when your days are filled with jobs you hate to be able to afford to write, perform and release the music you love, you don't ever really get that much time fully blocked out to just be all together having a good time doing what you love most.”

In conclusion Houston offers on behalf of his bandmates, “None of this would have been possible without both our fans who paid for the studio hire and our "Interim" family, a massive group of some 40+ actors, artists, videographers and other creatives that we as a band have become close friends with whilst living across Toowoomba, Brisbane and Sydney over the past 7 years. These people always seem to turn daunting projects on tiny budgets into amazing weekends away, they're always keen to work with us and have helped us independently make a debut album release as ambitious as this.”