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Hip Hop, Indie

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Ivan Ooze

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Ivan Ooze


Get Busy Committee, Spark Master Tape, OutKast

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Beppe , WZRDKID , Nice Right Now



It was a heady 2014 for Melbourne indie rapper IVAN OOZE as he was literally been catapulted into the spotlight. With an EP scheduled to drop in August IVAN OOZE decided he would release a freestyle video every Friday in the lead up to its release, which turned him into a viral hip hop sensation. With his fascination for rhyming and a signature super-fast flow, in less than a few weeks IVAN OOZE (Ben Townsend) began experiencing the support and attention that takes artists lifetimes to achieve and he soon had his legions of fans waiting with baited breath for the release of his first EP Ringwood Rich.

Borrowing his alias from his favourite Mighty Morphin Power Rangers villain and part of the new breed of hip hop music that is taking the country by storm, IVAN OOZE is pushing the boundaries and connecting with his audience. His previous two singles On & On and Trippin' have seen him cement his social media hype into legitimate industry buzz, achieving support from more than his fair share of media and other figures.

For being pretty fresh on the scene, IVAN OOZE, has performed at some pretty impressive gigs and the list continues to grow; IVAN OOZE toured with CYPRESS HILL and ICE CUBE over their December Australian tour dates AND was performed at BEYOND THE VALLEY (VIC) and RAGGAMUFFUN (NZ) festivals in December!

After a big 2014, things don't look to be slowing down for Melbourne's newest indie rapper with a mixtape in the works to drop early 2015 and a whole lot more on the horizon!


Review by Lewi McKirdy Lewi McKirdy

23 Mar 2015

Triple J

there is gr8 reason for rap and marijuana to go together... all the hits.

there is gr8 reason for rap and marijuana to go together... all the hits.