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QOTSA, Manchester Orchestra, Heatmiser

band members

Taylor King - Guitar/Vocals. Henry Davis - Bass. Luke Thomas - Drums.


Autolux, Nine Inch Nails, radiohead


We’re The Ivory Drips; 3 guys from Sydney, Australia who play music. We have just released our new single “A Brilliant Animal” as the follow up to our debut “Neither Seen, Nor Heard”. The production behind these singles is thanks to Casual Psychotic (bullshit-amazing-producer-extraordinaire) who also rubbed his charming stank all over our EP “Brilliant Animal” which will be assaulting your senses in the near future. "There's something about this that I just know would push the buttons of a bunch of people." - Dave Ruby Howe (Triple J Unearthed Director) "You can't put that on the public... it'll get hammered" - Paul 'Fatty' Vautin "Their debut single is confident with catchy, chugging guitar tying their sound together. Seeing them live would probably do them justice" - Ruby-Jean McCabe (4ZZZ Radio) Listen to “A Brilliant Animal” here: Check out the “Neither Seen, Nor Heard” video here:


Reviewed by Dom Alessio Dom Alessio

24 Jan 2014

Triple J

There are echoes...

There are echoes of Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and grunge in this one. The chorus has a real nice grunt to it.

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Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

18 Sep 2013

Triple J

There's som...

There's something about this that I just know would push the buttons of a bunch of people. A lot of dramatic rock strut going on.

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03 Feb 2014


So it mightn...

So it mightn't have the prog vibe from Neither Seen Nor Heard, but it still has lots of distorted dirty guitars that don't want to do anything fancy except give you something to bang your head to. And those screams at the end are awesome as well :)

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