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Hip Hop

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The Profit (MC) - Evan L, Izzy (MC) - Jake B, Wizdm (Productions), Deejay Maniak (DJ)


Brethren, Scribbling Idiots, Braille



Dynamic Emcee-duo Izzy n The Profit are hard at work providing honest, deep, and creative music catering to a broad audience. Both active artists for the better part of ten years, they play a significant role in both the hip hop and general community through charity work, youth work/ministry and outreach through their unique use of hip hop culture as a means to connect and empower young people. Izzy n The Profit formed after meeting as individual support acts at a Fonke Knomaads album launch and their journey continues. They have since teamed up with Sydney based DJ Maniak and have been expressing their high energy performance and material sharing the stage/line-up alongside an array of artists including: USA: Jin, Tha Dogg Pound, Braille, Sevin, KJ52, Everyday Process, Busdriver, Propaganda, The Scribbling Idiots. AUS: Def Wish Cast, Brethren, Last Kinnection, Kings Konekted, Brotha Black, Thundamentals, Hyjak n Torcha, Mind Over Matter and many more. They have participated in events such as: Yabun Festival, Platform Festival (Rock the block, Flexin Skills), Easterfest, EXO day, AAA Conference, Uprock Conference 2011/12/13, and many other community events, workshops, schools and Detention Centres. After a busy couple of years of creating and performing, empowering people through workshops/mentoring young people and 5 music videos later, momentum has picked up for a long and fruitful journey. With the release of debut album "Pulling Strings" through Krosswerdz Recordings in 2013, things are definitely not slowing down for Izzy n The Profit. Order Pulling Strings now at For music, booking information, and all other enquiries: