Artist info


Hip Hop, Electronic

Sounds like

The Game, kanye west, Jay Sean

band members

Razz - support rapper (vocals), Suki Sekhon - producer


Jay Sean, The Game, Ludacris


Jasky ‘j-sKy’ Singh, is renowned as one of the prominent names in the performers scene across Australia. j-sKy completed a double degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science, but after working professionally, he realised his passion lay elsewhere and his professional career was put on hold. j-sKy was first exposed to media interest as a radio announcer, where within a few years, he was co-host to the most popular youth radio show on local airwaves. He then took up DJ’ing to expand his talents and it led him to headlining and supporting some of the biggest acts in the industry. Always with a need to challenge himself, j-sKy then started rapping in freestyle contests, harnessing a masterful knack for melding powerful punch lines with humorous analogies and an irresistible flow. Co-founding Jupiter Entertainment in 2007, j-sKy's current stage in life has seen him crafting his own and featuring in several mainstream tracks alongside big name artists. j-sKy is poised at the pinnacle of unsigned buzz with established distributors waiting on the release and success of j-sKy debut Mixtape 'siKKant'.