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Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock

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Cosi (vocals, guitar), Maria (drums), Loretta (bass), Nicolas (guitar)


Jaala is a four-piece band based in Melbourne, Australia.
Led by the enigmatic vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Cosima (Manglewurzel), she is backed by band members Loretta Wilde on bass, Maria Moles on drums and Nic Lam on guitar.
Their sound is affectionately referred to as shed, a cathartic blend of jangly indie-rock and proggy art-pop.
Cosima’s song writing plunges into heavy depths of the heart, sharing both dreams, losses and personal chaos all delivered with the vulnerable honesty of her unique voice.
Their forthcoming debut record, ‘Hard Hold’ to be released in October 2015 on Wondercore Island, was recorded in Coburg in a burst of energy one week in April. Produced and engineered by their good friend Paul Bender (Hiatus Kaiyote) it was tracked live with limited overdubbing keeping as close as possible to the live energy of the songs as they were first written and performed.
The rest of 2015 will see them support Hiatus Kaiyote on their Australian national tour in August, as well as perform at BIGSOUND music conference, tour their record in major cities and make appearances at various festivals across the summer.


Hard Hold


Review by Max Quinn Max Quinn

31 Aug 2015

Triple J

lives up to the lofty sum of its parts.

lives up to the lofty sum of its parts.