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Indie, Pop, Roots

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Josh Pyke, Ryan Adams, Nick Drake, Dan Kelly, Bright Eyes, Beck

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Jack Carty & friends


Leunig, Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Josh Pyke, Paul Kelly, Beck, Papa Vs Pretty



Time flies, and increasingly, so does Jack Carty.

The 4 years since his unassuming arrival on the Australian music scene with debut E.P Wine & Consequence (2010) have seen: the release of two full length studio albums - 2011’s One Thousand Origami Birds and 2012’s Break Your Own Heart, a collaborative E.P with Sydney based man of mystery Casual Psychotic titled The Predictable Crisis Of Modern Life showcasing a darker and more experimental side to Carty’s writing away from his indie-folk roots, extensive touring nationally and internationally, festivals, songs on soundtracks, critical acclaim, Top five in the APRA Professional Development Awards, SXSW, Canadian Music Week, a MusicOz award and lots and lots of aeroplanes.

Now, following three solid years of travel, shows and no fixed address Jack Carty has a new album grounded in ideas of process and time, and sounding like an artist who knows what he wants.

It's an album of imagery, mood, groove, grit and the kind of lyrical turn of phrase that has won Carty a dedicated and vocal grass roots fan base across Australia and the world. From the rolling, dark and hauntingly dynamic And The Ass Saw The Angel, to the hopeful, melodious invocation of The Universe (written and sung with Katie Noonan). From Honey, Do You Know The Way Back Home’s 70’s groove cradled melancholia, to the swelling string lines of My Replacement, this is an album as dynamic as it is cohesive, as venturesome as it is reflective and as playful as it is poetic.

THEMUSIC.COM.AU "Esk is an exceptional album that eclipses all his previous work"

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD “An album of confession and honesty, but also humour and the sublime”

THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN “Sensational sophomore album…It marks him as a man to watch"

THE BRAG “An important singer-songwriter who strives to provoke his listeners to reflect on who they are and what they want to be” ALBUM OF THE WEEK

NODEPRESSION.COM “Carty holds an ingratiating charm that suggests a young, lovelorn Billy Bragg“

RIPITUP “Carty proves that he’s an extremely capable and intelligent lyricist, who is able to ruminate on the grit of the situation with a youthful, surprising confidence”



14 Jan 2015

50 of Jack's best! Truly wow... of Jack's best! Truly wow...


Honey, Do You Know The Way ...

Jack Carty


14 Jan 2015



What Am I Gonna Do With All...

Jack Carty


14 Jan 2015