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Indie, Roots

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City & Colour, Tallest Man On Earth, Paul Simon

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Jack Carty and friends.


Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes


Time flies when you’re having fun. Just 4 years ago a very young Jack Carty took a leap of faith to answer the voices in his gut. The short time since has seen: The release of two albums, “One Thousand Origami Birds” (2011) and "Break Your Own Heart" (2012). Two EP’s, “Wine & Consequence” (2010) and “The Predictable Crisis Of Modern Life” (2013). Extensive touring nationally and internationally, songs on soundtracks, duets with idols from his teen hood, lots of aeroplanes, sleeping on floors, sleeping on couches, sleeping in cars. Painting. All with a dedication to narrative, lyrical turn of phrase and melody that gains the kind of widespread critical acclaim to make you believe this young man’s gut was right.


Reviewed by Rosie Beaton Rosie Beaton

11 Sep 2013

Triple J

i know you have ...

i know you have been working hard and it has paid off - this is tune i am very happy to hear again

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Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

16 Aug 2013

Triple J

Jack Carty'...

Jack Carty's really showing how quick he can develop as a muso and songwriter. This one's got that familiar gentle folk feel but get mussed up with some odd production touches which really set this one apart for me. 3.5

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Soul Ground

14 Dec 2013


Jack Carty is a ...

Jack Carty is a shining light in contemporary Australian music. His songs act as a representation of our 'now'. When we hear these songs in decades to come the professional presentation and self-confidence will bring us back to this time, sentimentally. Carty's confidence and self-understanding, of who he is musically, gives me great pleasure. I look forward to his long career of pop mastery.

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