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Jack Davies

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Jack Davies - Acoustic Guitar / Vocals George Gare - Elec. Guitar / Backup Vocals Hector Morlet - Keyboard Elise Hiatt - Violin Jack Seah - Drums Jack Annear - Bass Noah Dillon - Mandolin


Courtney Barnett, Rodriguez, Tin Pan Orange, Bill Callahan, The Tallest Man On Earth, Alex Elbert, John Lee Hooker, Dave Van Ronk, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan

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Jack Davies is a melancholic folk singer mulling around in the dusty town of Fremantle, WA. With a celebrated knack for songwriting and a merry seven person band of folk heroes (The Bush Chooks), they spend their days serenading the ever few coastal towns of W.A.

After winning the Nannup Music Festival Rising Artist Competition this year, the bare footed ensemble stumbled into a scary looking studio and left with a track ready to release this August at the historic Mojo's Bar Freo, follow their page to check out the deets

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11 Jan 2017


this song brings peace to my soul.

this song brings peace to my soul.


Annie Harvey

19 Nov 2016