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Sounds like

Butthole Surfers, Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath

band members

Jack Harlon Barrels Johnson Mason Parsons Winchester Repeater


Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Electric Wizard, Butthole Surfers

Unearthed artists we like

Oh Pacific, Navy Blue, Stone Grave


Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows is are Bendigo/Melbourne based concept band focussing on the story of a cowboy whose wife and son are killed by the devil.


The debut self-titled EP from Jack Harlon-Dawson and The Dead Crows is a short affair, but one which consists of immense talent and killer grooves which will leave you begging for much, much more. Hailing from Bendigo, Australia, Jack Harlon-Dawson and The Dead Crows blend together a multitude of genres, from heavy blues, lo-fi fuzz, stoner, and elements of doom, to create a extremely satisfying dirty sound that captures you still for all too brief a moment, but live in that moment and you’ll be thankful. The guitars are heavy, the mood is psychedelic, and the vocals are experienced, this is a band to watch out for, and a record to repeat evermore. The EP has been called ‘A tale of cannibals, psychedelic drugs and divine intervention’, what more could you ask of for a new band to burn one to?