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Electronic, Indie

Sounds like

Tears For Fears, Placebo

band members

Jack Preston


The Smiths, Tears for Fears, Talk Talk


After fronting a number of indie bands on the Australian music scene, Jack to Lightspeed (Jack Preston) has ventured out on his own. Breaking up the nest and using it for kindling, he cut himself loose, drifting in silence for almost two years before finding himself beached at the foot of his debut EP ‘Applied to Modern Life’. Inviting you in with a rhythmic wallop and words to match, you’re pushed aside by fuzzy bass lines and 8-bit chirps. While still delivering catchy synthesizer-based indie electro, with just the right amount of darkness, there is an enduring quality to the songs not always heard in the genre. Despite looming shadows, the music doesn’t have to be analysed and dissected to be enjoyed.