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Roots, Indie

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Eveyone & No-One

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On these recordings there is Jack Mancor-Acoustic Guitar, Dave Steel-Sleel & Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals, Matiss Schubert; Fiddle/Mandolin, Jon Emery; Drums, Sandy Brady; Bass


Woody Guthrie, Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen

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Loren, Stovetop, TONCHI


There’s tours and then there’s ‘Tours’; seasoned Melbournian troubadour Jack Mancor is about to embark on one of the latter. From coastal cafe’s to outback pubs, rural townships to urban metropolises, Jack Mancor will be playing a mammoth 30+ dates through October to December, traversing his way right up the eastern seaboard and back down again. From Bourke to Nimbin, Brisbane to Melbourne and every hotel and watering hole along the way, Jack Mancor is bringing his dust strewn, hand-crafted, raw as life folk tunes to the nation. Th e colossal tour is in support of Jack Mancor’s second album ‘Black Top Blues’, which will be released independently on October 13. Th e follow-up to his 2005 release ‘Looking For Something’, four tracks on ‘Black Top Blues’ were recorded at ‘Th e Studio on Windy Hill’ in Whinchelsea, Vic – the solar-powered windgenerated country home and studio of Dave Steel. Dave produced the album, whilst also adding several of the instruments and backing vocals. With a further nine tracks recorded in Geelong and another in Melbourne’s inner-north, ‘Black Top Blues’ also features Th e Devilish Mary’s and Matiss Schubert, bringing together some of the fi nest roots and folk performers in the Australian music industry. A self taught singer, songwriter, storyteller and contemporary folk musician, Jack Mancor’s characteristic style is one based on the traditional but set in the contemporary. Born in Melbourne, but growing up all across Australia, he has developed a sense of the past, a love of his country and the ability to acknowledge and document the struggles and laughter of its people. With a natural ability to interpret life’s experiences through the eyes of the everyday, Jack’s songs strike a chord in those aware of the problems of the world, but still holding a hope for a brighter future. Drawing on established folk, roots, country and blues styles, Jack carries on the oral storytelling tradition. Taking inspiration from a variety of traditional and contemporary musicians, from Townes Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen, and Steve Earle to Muddy Waters, Paul Kelly and Woody Guthrie, Jack takes pride in singing about life from the coal face. Joining Jack Mancor on his ‘Black Top Blues’ Tour will be Owen Campbell, a Canberra musician establishing himself as an emerging and talented roots singer / songwriter and slide blues player. A winner of the Declan Affl ey award for ‘Up and Coming Musician’ at last years National Folk Festival, Owen has travelled the world spreading his infectious tunes. A major contributor to the album, Matiss Schubert will also be lending his skills as he joins the tour in mid-November. Meeting up with Jack and Owen in Brisbane, Matiss will round-out the tour as it weaves back through NSW to Canberra.