Artist info


Hip Hop, Indie

Sounds like

Sage Francis, Omar musa, Scroopius Pip

band members

Jacky T - Production, Keys n Vocals


Sublime, Lifesavas, Rage Against The Machine

Unearthed artists we like

Seth Sentry , Rick Da Scale , Jakobe , Jakob Two , Tomcat , Man Cub , Mumblr , Luka Lesson , Omar Musa


Jacky T is a spoken word artist, MC, producer and linguistic demigod. Furiously gigging and making a mark on the thriving Melbourne Spoken Word scene and confusing the stoic hiphop scene in drag.. Jacky T's lyrics range from playful self-depreciation to dark socio-political stances. His production is often laced with funky horns and reggae bass to ambient concoctions that complement his expansive poetic stylings. Keep an eye or like the shit out of Jacky T on Facebook. Check out his YT Channel of live vids at Soundcloud for more tracks: